Eugene Oakes Godfrey

Eugene Oakes Godfrey


Years of Service:  1941-1969
Highest Rank:  Colonel

Eugene was part of the Army Air Corps and a United State Air Force Pilot.

World War II:

Born in Lovell, WY in 1919, Eugene entered the U.S. Army Corps in 1941, as a Primary Aviation Cadet.  He went to training at Lowry Air Force Base, CO, King City, CA, Moffet Field, CA, and Luke Field, CA.  In Long Beach, CA, Eugene became a Second Lieutenant and learned to fly aircraft, and later transport planes to the East Coast,  such as the B-25, A-20, C-60, B-24 and the B-17.  In 1943, he was transferred to Africa.

In Africa he would fly cargo to China and troops to north Africa, with the North African Division Air Transport Command as chief pilot.  He would contract malaria.  While in Africa he was assigned 5 aircraft and crews in order to establish the 1261st Base Unit in Cappodichino, Italy in order to support the Fifteenth Air Force.

Eugene would return to the U.S. in 1945.  He would apply to be part of the regular Army Air Force, as well as return to the University of Denver to complete his degree in mathematics.

Korean War:


From 1953-1956, Eugene was the commander of the 37th 62nd Troop Carrier Squadron in Ashiya, Japan.  While the Korean War took place Eugene had many responsibilities as the  Group Operations Officer of the 314/316 TC troops and  the  62nd TC squadron, as well as Squadron Commander of the 187th and 508th, by providing support and replacement aircraft.

Vietnam War:

During the Vietnam War, Eugene was the Missile Test Project Officer in FL, and oversaw 38 missile launches. From 1960-1964, under the John F. Kennedy administration he would work in the Pentagon.  During 1964-1967, Eugene was part of a team that would establish the Western Test Range, at Vandenberg Air Force Base in CA.

Military Career:


      • 1941 Primary Flight School          King City, CA
      • 1941 Basic Flight School               Moffet Field, CA
      • 1942 Advanced Flight School      Luke Field, CA
      • April 1943-Oct. 1943                      Ferry Pilot:  Long Beach, CA
      • Oct. 1943-Jan. 1944                        Pilot: Africa/Middle East Wing Air Transport                                                                   Command
      • Jan. 1944-Jan. 1945                        North African Division Air Transport Command                                                             Chief Pilot, Naples Italy
      • 1945-1947                                       Chief Flight Supervisor Long Beach, CA                                                                               Fairfield/Travis, CA AFB
      • 1948                                                 Westover AFB, MA
      • 1948-1950                                       University of Denver, Mathematics degree
      • 1950-1952                                       Wright Field, Armament Labs
      • 1953-1956                                       Ashiya, Japan  Commander 37th 62nd Troop                                                                    Carrier Squadron, Korean War
      • 1956-1960                                       Test Director SM-62 SNARK Missile, Cape                                                                          Canaveral, FL
      • 1960-1964                                       Pentagon
      • 1964-1967                                       Director Range Engineering, Vandenberg AFB, CA
      • 1967-1969                                       Assistant Director of Operations, AF System                                                                       Command Andrews AFB, MD
      • Sept. 14, 1969                                 Retired, United States Air Force; Rank: Colonel

Rudolph Schwartz

Rudolf “Ruddy” Schwartz

Rudolph Schwartz

Service Years: 8/12/1952-4/15/1954
Highest Rank:  Chaplain’s Assistant and Ship’s Librarian

Ruddy grew up in Brooklyn, NY. In 1952, if you joined the US Navy Reserve and passed a test, he could join the Office Academy School US Naval A