James Roskoph

James Roskoph

Navy Vietnam
Navy Vietnam

James Roskoph, born in Cleveland, Ohio, served the U.S. Navy from February 1956 through November 1978.  He served in numerous campaigns in Vietnam, including combat duty as a patrol officer for the River Patrol Force.  He also served as an adviser with the Navy for Iran.

Mr. Roskoph received many medals and awards for his service, including the following:

Mr. Roskoph special duties and achievements include the following:

  • Chief Engineer
  • Patrol Officer-Surface, River Patrol Force
  • Warfare Officer
  • Military Advisor-for both Vietnam and Iran
  • He also advanced from fireman recruit to Lieutenant, including 3 warrant officer grades and 3 chief petty officer grades
  • Ships Engineer

Mr Roskoph discussing training for Vietnam, particularly SERE and being part of the River Patrol Force, River Squad 572, which consisted of 10 boats.  He also discusses being part of 99 patrol missions, 10 fire fights, and patrolling the Son or Son Troc River mainly at night and some ambushes.