About the Veteran’s Oral History Project at CHPL

The Cherry Hill Public Library has been recruiting veterans since 2013 to interview for a Cherry Hill Veterans Oral History Project. Our goal is to share stories of military life, during war and peace times. We have been collecting  video and audio recordings, as well as photographs and memorabilia that illustrate the lives of our veterans.  These interviews are posted to the CHPL website and social media to be shared with the broader community. The  project is open to Cherry Hill  residents of any branch of the military or military support. Participants will be asked questions to provide a rich account of major and minor events. The project is sponsored by the Cherry Hill Public Library in partnership with Rutgers University History Department.

Interviews are also on the Cherry Hill Public Library’s YouTube Channel.

Interested in being part of our project? Please call (856) 903-1225 or email cschmieder@chplnj.org