Walter Roberston

Walter Robertson

Walter Robertson and Ami Feller

Service Years: 1944-1945

Rank: Private First Class. He also received Rifleman Bar N.S. Distinguished Service, U.S. Army

10th Mtn. Division-Ski Trooper and Mountain Climber

Walter was born April 23, 1918.  While working for a wholesale candy maker in Camden, NJ, the war broke out.  With sugar in short supply, and the candy making business on hold, he starting driving a truck for one of his brothers buthe was drafted.  Surrounded by his family, including his sister, wife and 5-year-old daughter, Walter boarded a bus and went to basic training at Fort Dix and later, Camp Blanding, FL.

Walter would later sail to Italy. Walter recalls a couple in Naples, who had a daughter the same age has his daughter back home, and the family was starving. He recalls how he and another solider were fill up their mess kits in order to take what they could to the family.

Walter remembers arriving in the 10th Mountain Division, in  Italy, to a Captain Luther, from Nebraska,  and along with a soldier named Rodriguez, from Texas.  He recalls his night patrols with 12 other men, and how it was vital to always remain as quiet as possible. Walter also remembers being in a battle in February 1945.  He recalls the sounds of a wounded American soldier next to him who was mortally wounded and crying out for his mother.  It took Walter years to stop recalling those cries. In the battle, Walter was shot along his backside and upper thigh. He would lose his captain and other fellow soldiers.

After being shot and a week stint in rehab, Walter returns to the Division.  Walter also recalls serving with Bob Dole and how in the next big battle, he would be seriously wounded.  He mentions how they carried Dole back, even though that is not the recounted story by Bob Dole.

Walter was eventually sent back home on a Navy transport ship, in order to be retrained in CO to fight in Japan, but he returned with a government rating of 54 points: husband, father, and had been wounded in battle.  He was subsequently discharged.  He recalls how one of his  brothers was supposed to pick him up at 30th Street Station, but never showed up.

Walter recalls life after the war, as well as the circumstances on how he received his medals.

Robert received:

Purple Heart

Bronze Star Medal

Combat Infantry Badge-Good Conduct